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Legacy Boxer Rescue does not have a shelter where we house boxers in our program. The boxers we are able to help live with our volunteers in their homes with their families and their other pets as fosters. We have very limited resources and we are all volunteers. Our number one priority is to work with area shelters when they have a boxer that needs our help before they are euthanized at the shelter.

If you have found a boxer as a stray, please contact your local animal control facility so they can take the boxer into their shelter and give the boxer's owner an opportunity to find them. LBR does NOT have the resources or the legal authority to pick up strays. If you do turn a stray boxer in to your local animal control please contact us at and let us know what shelter so that we can follow up on the boxer.

If you feel that you need to surrender your personal boxer then please fill out the information below. Email current photos of your boxer to: We must have a picture to be able to help. Once we've received this information, your boxer will be placed on our waiting list for a foster home and on our boxers in need page. We will contact you to arrange an evaluation of your boxer by one of our volunteers. Please understand that we will do what we can to help BUT we cannot guarantee when that will be, it could be days, weeks or even months.

A note about surrendering your personal boxer to a shelter: Animal control facilities are required by law to hold a stray animal for 72 hours to allow their owners an opportunity to find them. If you surrender your personal boxer to one of these facilities they are not required to hold the boxer at all. If they are full (and unfortunately most of them stay full) they can euthanize your boxer the moment you sign the boxer over to them. If they are full they may not even give rescue groups like us an opportunity to help.

Due to the overwelming number of pure bred boxers in need, we are unable to help any boxer mixes at this time, unless they were previously adopted from Legacy Boxer Rescue. Also, we are limited to helping boxers in the North Texas area.

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Legacy Boxer Rescue is a 501(c)3, all volunteer, completely understaffed rescue group based in Dallas, Texas.
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